ASU Center for Science and the Imagination

Arizona State University – This center for science and the imagination brings writers, artists and other creative thinkers into collaboration with scientists, engineers and technologists to reignite humanity’s grand ambitions for innovation and discovery. It serves as a network hub for audacious moonshot ideas and a cultural engine for thoughtful optimism, while providing a space for productive collaboration between the humanities and the sciences, bringing human narratives to scientific questions, and exploring the full social implications of cutting-edge research.

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FEDORA, Future-oriented Science Education to enhance Responsibility and Engagement in the society of acceleration and uncertainty, is a 3-year EU-funded project. It started in September 2020 and will deploy its activities until August 2023. It gathers 6 partner institutions from 5 European countries.
FEDORA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 872841
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