Harmut Rosa on increasing our desires for control and the escape to that: resonances

2 June 2021

One of the inspirations that led the FEDORA team to put together the ideas and essence for this project, was the work of the philosopher, sociologist and politologist Hartmut Rosa. His view of our society as a society of acceleration led us to think of the misalignments that this acceleration produced in the way science is taught in formal spaces. 

Hartmut Rosa was recently invited to the “Future Congress”, a yearly event organised by several organisations in Chile. This year, his presentation was online and it is accessible here.

In his 16-minute talk, Rosa describes his societal interpretations, focusing on his theory of desire for control, which in his view has two main aspects. One is cultural, and here he sees a never-fulfilled human desire for more reach. The idea of the good life is steered by what he describes the 3 As: available, accessible and attainable.  The desire for more control. Reach more visibility of the space and also at microscopes, in our body. We want to increase the horizon of reach, physically, and access there. And once we are there, think of colonialism, get control of the territory, gain control over things: our body, matter, politics, and then use these things. Increase the horizon of what we can get available, attainable and accessible, and there, money has a huge role to play. 

About the paradox that happens while doing this, he states that by trying to control more, we lose more control, and more powerful ideas, hit the play button!

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FEDORA, Future-oriented Science Education to enhance Responsibility and Engagement in the society of acceleration and uncertainty, is a 3-year EU-funded project. It started in September 2020 and will deploy its activities until August 2023. It gathers 6 partner institutions from 5 European countries.
FEDORA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 872841
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