FEDORA Project Meeting in Kaunas: two days and a myriad of conversations

By  Andrea Troncoso, formicablu, Italy
7 October 2022

The vibrant city of Kaunas, 2002 European City of Culture and its Kaunas University of Technology hosted the first in-person meeting of the FEDORA project. After two years of online and very well-coordinated work, we had the time for conversations and dialogue face to face and this was celebrated by each of the participants. With 16 experts in the field of science education, the meeting went through a very content-rich agenda, prepared by FEDORA's coordinator Olivia Levrini and the hosts Raminta Pucetaite and Rimantas Rauleckas, from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

The main topic of the meeting was to craft a common vision and a clear path for the results we want to achieve during the last year of the project. An important milestone is ahead of us: On the 3-4 of November, in Bologna, we will hold our first policy event and in May next year, we will share the final outcomes at the FEDORA Conference in Brussels. The contents and the way we will share them were the main themes of the discussions. And of course, the desired futures for the project were part of them as well.

The agenda included a visit to the Čiurlionis National Art Museum, where fiction,  metaphors and sharp messages about these times melted in compelling works of art.

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FEDORA, Future-oriented Science Education to enhance Responsibility and Engagement in the society of acceleration and uncertainty, is a 3-year EU-funded project. It started in September 2020 and will deploy its activities until August 2023. It gathers 6 partner institutions from 5 European countries.
FEDORA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 872841
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