Dreaming more sustainable ways to fly

By  Emma D'Orto
17 April 2023

A recent master thesis project, designed by Alessandro Catania whithin FEDORA's open schooling network, challenged students' imagination at the Baracca Institute of Forlì (Italy). The aeronautic high school, managed by Maura Bernabei, is attended by students who come from all over Italy with dreams of becoming pilots or aircraft engineers. The interdisciplinary activity, at the boundary between arts and science, was developed in collaboration with physics teachers Barbara Teodorani and Andrea Zanchini, and involved an art piece by the argentinian artist Tomàs Saraceno. The artwork, part of a project called "Aerocene", consisted in an aerosolar sculpture that helped students immagine new and more sustainable ways to fly, "reactivating a common imaginary towards an ethical collaboration with the environment and the atmosphere, free from carbon emissions"*.

Get more information reading the article by Alessandro Catania published on the project website: https://aerocene.org/flying-with-aeronatutical-students-in-forli-italia/

*quote from the aerocene website

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