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Regenerating the ecosystem of science learning by developing a future-oriented model to enable creative thinking, foresight and active hope as skills needed in formal and informal science education.






FEDORA's Final Event in Brussels, 25-26 May 2023

After 3 years of researching, sharing and experimenting creatively together with teachers, schools and academics, the FEDORA project wants to celebrate and reflect on its achievements, and the path walked together. On May  25, the project partners will meet to reflect on the last stage of the project. Following this session, we will run a […]

9 March 2023
Stories from FEDORA's open schooling network: Physics of clouds

FEDORA's first round of activities implementations is concluded! In the next paragrafs you will discover about “Physics of clouds”, one of the innovative teaching activities created within the FEDORA open schooling project. More posts like this will follow, and each of those will tell you about an activity and the results or hypotheses that came […]

28 February 2023
What is interdisciplinarity and why is it so relevant to science education? Listen to the 2nd podcast of the series "Lenses for tomorrow"

"Lenses for tomorrow" is our podcast, exploring  FEDORA's three main topics: interdisciplinarity, creativity -new languages- and future thinking. Our interviewees on this occasion are Raminta Pucetaite from the Kaunas University of Technology and Shulamit Kapon, a Technion University of Technology professor from Israel. Together, they share their views about the role of disciplines, how boundaries […]

10 February 2023


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FEDORA, Future-oriented Science Education to enhance Responsibility and Engagement in the society of acceleration and uncertainty, is a 3-year EU-funded project. It started in September 2020 and will deploy its activities until August 2023. It gathers 6 partner institutions from 5 European countries.
FEDORA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 872841
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